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North of Tyne Mayoral Elections – It’s time to kick the Parties out

We’re finally here!

The day to cast your vote in the North of Tyne Mayoral election is upon us, and if, like me, you really want to make a difference to our area, then this is the greatest chance we have to Vote for Change.

The five candidates in this race have had the chance to lay out their plans and fight for your vote over the last few months, and by now you’re probably already certain of who it is you’re going to vote for.

But are you REALLY sure?

Have you really listened to everything that the candidates have said?

Or are you voting for someone, simply because they represent the Party that you would normally vote for?

If you are simply voting out of Party loyalty, then maybe you need to check the news from the last couple of days (or years for that matter) and ask yourself –

“What has my Party done for me and my area?”

Because if you live in the North East, I can guarantee that your Party has done absolutely NOTHING for you.

To the Westminster Parties, this area is nothing more than a place to garner up some votes by doling out empty platitudes and promises – and Labour, in particular, knows this better than any other Party. To Labour, the North East vote is a given – NOBODY worth their salt would vote for the Tories because of Thatcher, only a smattering of racists would vote for UKIP, and the Lib Dems? Well, they’re not even a Party to be taken seriously.

Labour has constantly took advantage of this area – knowing the plight it was left in thanks to the Thatcher Government, the North East has been easy pickings for them, preying on people’s reluctance to vote for anyone who could potentially “lead us down the dark roads of Thatcherism once more”.

The fact that people in this country only see two Parties represented in the Media, means only one thing – a vote for Labour, means we don’t get the Tories again.

And you can hardly blame them for it, looking back on what has happened over the years – this region was once the jewel in the crown of the industrial UK, and a huge player on the World scene. From coal mining to ship building, the North East was once a booming economy that was taken seriously on the World stage – and then came the Tories.

The aftermath of Thatcherism led to Labour being the only Party that the working man could ever vote for, and so Labour have planted themselves amongst this region, promising that they would never let this Region go to waste again. They are the ones that will pull this Region back from the precipice, and make it great once more, and your vote will ensure that the Tories will never darken your doors again. A vote for Labour means that the people of the North East will have a voice in Westminster once more.

What utter tosh.

The truth is, however, that both the Tories and Labour are as bad as each other. Both Parties are steeped in the London bubble, and will never fully understand this Region’s people or its needs. Sure, they can get a Councillor elected from this area, or an MP, who will “represent the Region” and “fight for the great people of the North East”, but let’s be honest with each other – that Councillor or MP will always put the Parties needs first, even when it means going against the People’s.

It’s just the way the Party system works.

So, when you get yourselves along to the ballots, ask yourselves this –

“Am I voting for a person or a Party?”

Because trust me, a Party doesn’t care for you, only your vote. Parties are only seeking power, and the real power lies in Westminster – not in the outer regions. Yes, the regions themselves help to gain power for the Parties, but do you really think they care about each Region’s individual needs?

To a Party, your Region is nothing more than a means to an end; an extra step towards the bigger prize, and they will tell you anything to get your vote.

Don’t fall for it again.

Use this vote to actually make a difference for the Region, and vote for someone who will absolutely put the People first. It’s time to vote for someone who has actual policies that the people of this region can be proud of – not useless platitudes that sound good to the “Dear Leaders” back in London.

John McCabe

Vote John McCabe, an Independent with absolutely no Party loyalties, only a loyalty to the area and its People. A man with real ideas, real policies, and a real grasp of what this Region needs.

This area has suffered for too long at the hands of Party Politics, and it’s time to Vote for Change.

Let’s give the People of the North East the reward and recognition that it has been derserving of for so long – and not what a group of Westminster shills have been telling us we deserve for all of these years.

It’s time to Kick the Parties out.

Vote for Change.

Vote John McCabe for Mayor.

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