Tory Council Candidate is the latest victim of poisonous Politics

This story comes from Sky News, link to the story is here –


Colchester, Essex

Tory Council Candidate, Carla Ellen Hales was campaigning in Colchester, Essex on Wednesday, when she was verbally assaulted and then punched in the side by a man who had confronted her.

And here we are, Ladies and Gentlemen – here we are with yet another example of why Partisan Politics is leading this country towards an absolute catastrophe.

Imagine being so Politically one-sided; so anti “other”, that your willing to beat up a woman just for supporting a different Political Party than you.

It’s absolutely sickening.

The sad truth, however, is that this where we are in Politics today – if you’re not on “our side” then your on the wrong side.

You just need to take a momentary glance at Twitter or Facebook to see how partisan the whole country is becoming, and it’s getting worse by the day. Dare to mention a political opinion, or agree with a Politician’s tweet, and within seconds you’ll be inundated with people of the opposite stance to you, berating you and calling you everything from a “literal Nazi” to a “Commie scumbag”.

It’s time we started to try and come together a little bit more as a nation.

We need to be able to understand that having a different opinion to someone, doesn’t mean you have to hate them, or want to attack them. I mean, this is just kindergarten stuff to be honest.

But then again, Party Politics just seems to bring out the nasty, spoilt, bullying child in too many people.

Enough already. It’s time to grow up.

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