Opinion – Why the North of Tyne Mayoral Election is NOT a two-way race

This country, like most countries in the World, suffers from a serious Political bias.

The fact that there are more than only two Political Parties in this country, seems to completely escape the minds of most people, and the blame for this lies squarely at the feet of the media.

Take this article in The Sunday Times, as an example of just how easy it is to steer the public’s attention to only two Political Parties in an electoral race –


Reading this article, you’d think that there are only two “serious” candidates in the entire race – Jamie Driscoll (Labour/Cooperative Party/Momentum) and Charlie Hoult (Conservative). Hugh Jackson (UKIP) gets a brief mention half-way through, and then John Appleby (Lib Dems) and John McCabe (Independent) merely get a name-drop at the end of the article.

This has been going on for years, and it’s a way of keeping the Public’s eye keenly trained on where the Media wants the power to lie – with the two Parties that keep THEM, the Media, in a position of power and influence. The relationship between the Media and the two Parties of Labour and Conservatives, is nothing short of an Old Boy’s Club – an “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” set-up that reeks of bias and power sharing.

It’s time to put an end to the idea that only two Parties can win an election – and it’s time to put the power back in the hands of the People. By voting for someone other than the two “main” Parties, we start to loosen the stranglehold the Media has had on this country for too long.

So, the only question is – who else to vote for, if not the Champagne Socialists of Labour (who aren’t actually Labour anymore but People’s Momentum) or the “Nasty Party” of the Conservatives?

Well, you have 3 options –

John Appleby of the Liberal Democrats

This isn’t a personal attack on Dr .Appleby. He seems like a likeable, and decent man. His policies however, much like the Lib Dems themselves, seem to be lacking any sort of bite, or realistic outlook.

Hugh Jackson of UKIP

What can you really say about someone who once suggested that children in care should be euthanised in order to save money? Joke or not, do you really want someone like that in power, particularly when he seems to have absolutely no solid policy ideas?

John McCabe Independent

John McCabe the Independent Candidate for North of Tyne Mayor
John McCabe Independent Candidate for North of Tyne Mayor

Out of the 5 Candidates for North of Tyne Mayor, John McCabe is the only one who actually has some bold and deliverable policies – policies that will see the North East prosper. The fact that he isn’t tied to a Political Party, means that he is answerable to the People of the region only – something that none of the other candidates can attest to. Put simply, it means that he answers to the voters, not to a Westminster-based “one-size fits all” policy-making, Media-backed entity that has no interest in this region.

Click here for John McCabe’s Manifesto – https://www.mccabe4mayor.co.uk/manifesto

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not suggesting that you vote for John McCabe as simply a protest vote against the Media and the biased Political system. What I’m suggesting is, that while the Media is allowed to get away with only pushing candidates that are going to be able to help keep the Media in the positions of power that they are, then we, the People, are not being told the truth about what our options really are. On policies alone, John McCabe is streets ahead of the competition – not that the Media will ever tell you that.

And the options are now laid out in front of you all – of the 5 Candidates in this race, there is only 1 that has an achievable Manifesto that can actually deliver, and only 1 candidate whose support is growing rapidly by the day, despite the best efforts of the Media to ignore him and his message.

Vote for someone who will only answer to the People of this region.

Vote for someone who is not a “Yes Man” for a Party with an unachievable vision.

Vote for someone who puts the North of Tyne first.

Vote for Change.



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