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Diane Abbott shouldn’t have to apologise – the people calling her out should

Is this really where we are as a society?

We’re actually calling out Diane Abbott because she drank a ready-mixed can of Mojito on a train?

I know, you’re all outraged at her aren’t you? I know exactly what’s going through your heads at this precise moment –

“But she’s Shadow Home Secretary! She should be setting an example!”

“But she’s an elected MP! She should be setting an example!”

“But it’s against the law to be drinking alcohol on a TFL train! She should be setting an example!”

Spare me.

This entire thing has been completely blown out of proportion – and the sad thing is, that everyone who is calling her out for what she did, is well aware of the fact.

I’m the first to admit, that I’m certainly not a fan of Diane Abbott, or the Labour Party for that matter. Some of her political views are nothing short of ridiculous.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on her comments about Chairman Mao…

Abbott once said of Mao – “Mao, in balance, did more good than harm”

I admire her in many ways as a person however – she’s certainly someone who has had to go through a hell of a lot to get to where she is today, particularly the racist abuse she has had to put up with throughout her life. She is, without a doubt, an extremely courageous person.

Yes, she’s said some pretty wild things in her career, and had some almighty gaffes in her time, but for her to have to stand up in front of the entire country and apologise for something as trivial as this?

It’s nothing short of pathetic.

At the risk of sounding old, I can remember a time when people used to call out Politicians for their policy ideas – not because they once drank a £1.50 can of Mojito on a train, while not even being drunk or belligerent.

We seem to be living in a new Renaissance of sorts, where everyone is suddenly outraged at the slightest little thing that the next person does that doesn’t “follow the rules”, and just like that, we’re all off to our keyboards to wax lyrical about how said person is suddenly the harbinger of the Apocalypse.

It’s like the entire World is turning into the Junior Spies, and the fault lies in two places –

The Internet and Modern Politics.

Modern Politics is so toxic to the point that attacking a Politician’s policies has come second place to wanting to simply “own the other Party”. Everyone wants to be the one to “drop the big story” or “grab the Headlines”, and with the Internet being as accessible as it is, it’s easier than ever for “the average Joe” like you and me to be the one to have their name in lights for a microsecond, by being the person to dig the dirt on somebody in a position of authority or power.

Well sorry to burst your bubbles, but this story definitely isn’t the one to “own” Diane Abbott with.

It’s nothing short of a “self-own”.

So next time you see a Politician swigging from a cheap, miniature can of Mojito on a train; instead of rushing to Twitter or Facebook to express your faux-outrage at the situation – maybe put down your phone, take out the alcoholic beverage that you more-than-likely have in your own bag, and have a drink with them. You’ll probably find out that they’re pretty much just a Human Being like me and you.

To Diane Abbott, I say – take back your apology and have yourself another drink.

And to the people calling her out – how about we keep the outrage for when a Politician really deserves it?

#ExpensesScandal #ToryIslamophobia #LabourAntisemitism

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