North of Tyne Mayoral elections – Why I’m voting for John McCabe

I know what you’re thinking –

But he doesn’t belong to a Political Party! If he doesn’t belong to a Party, how can I ever vote for him? I’ve ALWAYS voted (INSERT PARTY NAME HERE) since my Grandad first told me to!”

This is the trouble in today’s political landscape – nobody seems to be capable of having an individual outlook. Everybody is being indoctrinated into a Political Party for such reasons as –

  • My family vote for them, so I do too
  • I vote how my friends and colleagues vote, in order to fit in
  • I don’t vote for Torys because people say they’re all Nazis who hate poor people, therefore I MUST vote Labour
  • I don’t vote Labour because they’re all Marxists who want to give my stuff away, therefore I MUST vote Conservative

It’s the last two excuses that get to me the most.

People like this exist in society, and it’s heart-breaking to know that, instead of looking elsewhere; instead of looking at a candidate’s manifesto, people would rather just vote for “the next best thing” or “the only other alternative” – which normally turns out to be a career politician with either a red or a blue tie.

Besides there being more than two Political Parties in this country, (though the Media doesn’t like you to remember this fact..) there are a huge number of Independent Candidates who have far better policies and ideas than most Party affiliated candidates.

The trouble is, people are not always willing to take a chance on an Independent, as it would feel like a gamble to them, and not just that – it would feel like they are betraying the Party that they have “supported” their whole life.

Well I say that now is the time stop worrying about your loyalty to a Party, after all – how loyal was your MP to your vote during the Brexit fiasco?

I’d hazard a guess at – NOT VERY…

The North East of England is sorely in need of someone who knows the area, and who hasn’t been indoctrinated into a Westminster mindset. People from this area know only too well, how much this region has been left to suffer at the hands of Councils and MPs who are tied to a London-based Party.

This area isn’t like the rest of the country, and the majority of Party ideals don’t always translate to this area like they do in other parts of the country – and Westminster still hasn’t figured that out yet.

If you think that voting for a Party affiliated candidate for Mayor is a good idea, ask yourself this –

how long do you think the candidate’s policies and ideas for the region will be in place, before their Party decides that they need to change, and come in line with the rest of the hive-mind?

Because I guarantee, it won’t be very long.

Sadly this has been the way of Politics for too long, and until we do something about it – that’s just the way it will continue to be.

The People vote in the Person.

The Person becomes the Party.

The People become the ignored.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. Now is the time to change the Political landscape in this country in favour of the People and keep it that way.

It’s time to kick the Parties out, and vote for The People.

Vote for John McCabe, and you’re voting for The People. After all, we all have our own thoughts, our own ideas and opinions. So wouldn’t it be good for once, if someone actually listened to them, and maybe tried to do something to help everyone, rather than just members of their own Party?

Rather than pushing people away and ignoring the voices of those that dissent from the Party-Line, we should be listening to everyone in the region, and not just those with the wrong coloured tie on.

This region needs an Independent voice that doesn’t listen to a Party – but one that listens to The People.

John McCabe is the Independent Candidate for North of Tyne Mayor – and he absolutely gets my vote.

Please consider giving him yours as well.

Make sure to check out John McCabe’s website here – https://www.mccabe4mayor.co.uk/

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