Who are the North of Tyne Mayoral Candidates?

May 2nd is getting closer and closer, and soon we will be able to vote in our new Mayor for the North of Tyne region.

It might not seem it to some of us in the area, but this really is a massive opportunity to be able to vote in someone who can help the region to stabilise the economy and create more jobs and opportunities for growth.

I know a lot of us have had our hands burned through Brexit – if you read my post –

North of Tyne Mayoral Elections – why you should be voting,

you’ll see why, (no matter which way your vote went for Brexit) it’s so important to have your say and make sure that the area doesn’t vote in anyone who is going to put Party over the People.

Before we have a look at the candidates, watch the video below explaining just exactly what the North of Tyne Mayoral is position is all about –

So, the North of Tyne Combined Authority is looking to create 10,000 extra jobs and bring in a £1.1 billion boost to the local economy.

This is exactly what the region needs, but it needs the right person to pull it off.

Let’s take a look at who is in the running for the position –

John McCabe – Independent

The former President of the North East England Chamber of Commerce, is a local businessman, running as an Independent candidate due to “the party political system failing too many people in the area.” McCabe has stated that his campaign is based around jobs and skills, as well as such issues as mental health, culture and future development of the area’s towns and communities.

Check out his website here – https://www.mccabe4mayor.co.uk/

John Appleby – Liberal Democrats

The former Head of Mechanical Engineering at Newcastle University and a former Newcastle Councillor, John Appleby has previously ran for Mayor of North Tyneside, and a Parliamentary seat for Tynemouth.

Check out his website here – https://johnapplebyld.wordpress.com/news-from-john-appleby-for-mayor/

Charlie Hoult – Conservatives

Newcastle-born businessman Charlie Hoult, of the famed Hoult’s Yard in Byker, is the Conservatives choice to represent their party. Backed by former Newcastle United Chairman Sir John Hall, Hoult is looking to bring his experience in building business opportunities to the role of Mayor.

Check out his website here – votehoult.com

Jamie Driscoll – Labour/Co-operative Party

With backing by such high-profile people such as Noam Chomsky and Ken Loach, Driscoll gained the Labour vote over Newcastle City Council Leader Nick Forbes, by also receiving votes from the Co-operative Party, meaning he will represent both parties.

Check out his website here – https://www.jd4mayor.com/

Hugh Jackson – UKIP

A late-comer to the Mayoral race, UKIP’s Hugh Jackson is a former Conservative Councillor who, in 2008, was forced to resign his role due to comments he made about “euthanising children in care”. Jackson, a former Army Officer, has since apologised for the comments, claiming they were meant as a joke.

Check out the UKIP Mayoral page here – http://ukipntmayor.org/index.php

So there you have it – all 5 candidates laid out in the open for all to see. Make sure to check out their websites and see for yourself just what they are offering the region.

Please don’t go down the tired old route of simply voting for the political party that you would “normally” vote for – I think it’s time to stop voting in favour of party, and actually look into what’s being offered by the candidates themselves.

Don’t believe me?

Just turn on the news and see where voting for a party gets you…

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