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Three areas in the North East named amongst the best places to live in the UK

You might have seen the recent story about Shields Road being named as the worst High Street in the UK – but don’t despair! The North East is back in favour with the rest of the country once again!

Shields Road Byker

To be honest, I thought Shields Road was pretty unlucky. Ok, it’s not the best High Street in the UK, but I’d definitely not say that it’s the worst.

To me, that honour belongs in a two-way tie between Oldham and Blackburn. And I don’t just mean the High Streets, I mean the entire towns..

So, according to a poll in The Sunday Times, the three most desirable places to live in the North East are – (spoiler alert – Gosforth isn’t one of them…)


Allendale, Northumberland

The countryside Oasis of Allendale is fast becoming a hit with both retired folks and young commuters, who are looking to live outside of the big city. With events such as the New Year Fire Festival and the fact that it has it’s own brewery, it goes without saying that Allendale is a popular place to live.


Tynemouth Pier and Lighthouse

The surfer capital of the North East, Tynemouth is definitely somewhere you want to live if you love the sea. Containing some of the best bars and restaurants on the North East coast, such as the famous Riley’s Fish Shack, as well as an eclectic shopping scene, Tynemouth is fast becoming the jewel in the North East’s crown.



It had to be in there.

The hipster capital of the North East was always going to be on this list. It’s popularity has sky-rocketed in the last few years, and with good reason – it literally has something for everyone. A place where urban and rural combine, Ouseburn is brimming with character, and appeals not only to the hipster elite, but to young and old alike.

So there we are – after the rather large dip in form by the North East at the hands of Shields Road, we are back in the game once again.

As the North East should be.

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