Local News

Speculation and Gossip rife after Woman murdered in Northumberland

Odessa Carey, 73 of North Seaton, Ashington, was found murdered on Monday. Her daughter, also named Odessa Carey, has been arrested on suspicion of her murder.

The first pictures of the victim have now been released, which you can view here –


After News broke in Northumberland that a woman had been murdered, speculation and rumour spread like wildfire across Social Media – particularly in Facebook Groups, with regards to the victim, the person arrested, and grizzly details of the case that had not been confirmed by Police.

While the internet can be a great place to hear Breaking News, it must be said that cases like this can be extremely dangerous for getting the facts wrong – all it takes is for someone to pass out a wrong name and a person’s reputation can be ruined instantaneously.

While I’m certainly not calling for censorship of facts, I am saying that before people speculate on certain things – particularly crimes of this nature which carry a mountain of emotional weight behind them, maybe people should hold off with speculation and gossiping until all of the facts of a case are known?

It’s a bad enough experience for friends and family of victims of these sorts of crime to deal with, without people playing guessing games with facts.

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