North of Tyne Mayoral Elections – Why you should be voting

I’ve talked to a lot of people in my area, and barely anyone is aware, (or even interested if I’m honest) about the North of Tyne Mayoral elections. Partly, I believe that this is due to the fact that it just hasn’t been advertised very well – and I put the blame on both the media and the candidates themselves. Have any of you had anyone knocking on your door, trying to drum-up support for a candidate?

Didn’t think so…

However, I feel that the majority of the blame can be squarely placed at the feet of the most dreaded word in all of Politics today…


I know, your blood is already boiling at the mere utterance of the word, but hear me out –

Because of the whole fiasco surrounding Brexit; the “deal or no deal” scenario, and the complete flip-flopping of Parties and MPs – I think people are simply fed up and exhausted of the entire Political landscape. A lot of people just want to move on from the entire mess, and go about their daily lives; something else to debate, and vote on now, is just a bit too much for people to take.

No matter which side of the aisle you’re on, no matter which way your vote went with regards to Brexit, there’s no doubt in my mind that people feel betrayed and let down by their party. The fact that MPs from all Parties have voted against their constituent’s wishes, abstained from voting on certain deals, backed certain deals, or (God forbid) crossed party lines and vote against their own Party’s stance – has completely alienated people from wanting to get involved with the Political process.

And that’s why it’s so important to get behind the Mayoral Elections – because now we have a chance to vote in a Mayor who doesn’t have to answer to a party based in London.

We need a Mayor who is from this area, and who completely understands what the Northeast of England is about, and what it so sorely needs. A candidate who will put the People over Party.

So I’ll say this – on May 2nd, vote in the elections, and vote independent.

The area doesn’t need another Party Member in power, it needs the power in the hands of the people.

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