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Priests in Poland burn Harry Potter books over fears of witchcraft

It is the 21st century isn’t it?

You wouldn’t think so, reading this story from Sky News..


Back in the day, it was common practice for Religious Zealots and power-hungry Tyrants, to burn books for being “dangerous”. From the burning of The Library of Alexandria, to the Nazi book burnings of the 1930’s, people in power have always set out to censor those that oppose their tyrannical ideologies.

As time goes on, we, as a species have grown and become more insightful and reasonable – more adept at reasoning with those we disagree, and simply ignoring those we cannot.

Live and let live eh?

Apparently not, if you’re an Evangelical Priest.

The SMS From Heaven Foundation, a group of Evangelical Priests from Northern Poland, have burned religious symbols from other religions, and several books, including Harry Potter by JK Rowling and Twilight by Stephanie Meyer.

Their reasoning is that they consider them to be sacrilegious and an affront to the word of God – something that Evangelicals in the US have claimed on many occasions, particularly where Harry Potter is concerned.

Is there ever going to be a point where we can stop trying to shield people from things we deem to be worthy of censorship, and simply let them choose for themselves?

Don’t agree with something that somebody has written?

Fine. Have an opinion about it by all means, and then don’t read it ever again. That’s your choice as an adult.

But to try and censor something from people because you deem it to be dangerous; that Harry Potter promotes Witchcraft to children, and that a fantasy book (or any book for that matter) can somehow offend God?

Come on, people. It’s time to wake up.

Do your own thing, and let others do theirs.

Believe in God?

I know I do, but that doesn’t mean I get to censor things that I might deem as offensive to my beliefs and ideas, or that I get to berate anyone who doesn’t believe as I do.

Because they’re MY beliefs and ideas, and it’s simply not my place to push them onto other people by censoring things I don’t like.

Censorship, and burning books is not the answer to anything.

It’s just a shame that some organised religions can’t seem to get a grip on this idea.

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