Local News

Ashington Onesie company providing Homeless people in Newcastle with blankets

This story comes from the News Post Leader (see link below)


It’s nice to see a local company do something to help out some of the region’s most vulnerable people.

The All-in-One Company of Ashington, Northumberland, have donated specially-made blankets to the Making Warmer charity, who provide the homeless of Newcastle with food and clothing.

The charity, who have 12 volunteers, give out clothes and food to between 85 and 100 people every Friday night. The blankets will be invaluable to the people who desperately need to stay warm and dry on the city’s streets.

I’m over the moon that charities and companies can, and are willing to help the people who need it most, and I applaud them for it.

I just wish these problems didn’t exist in the first place.


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