New Avengers Endgame artwork appears – but what happened to Shuri?

It’s not long now – only 4 weeks to go until the culmination of over 10 years worth of Marvel’s “Phase 3” series of movies, and I for one, cannot wait.

If like me, you keep an eye out for any news regarding our favourite Superheroes, you’ll be aware that over at Marvel.com there are a plethora of new character posters available entitled “Avenge the Fallen”.

Click the link below to see them


Avengers Endgame is out in theatres from April 26th

Notice anything about them?

All of the characters who died at the end of Infinity War, have a greyscale style poster, while all of those who survived “The Snap” are in full colour.

But that’s not all.

Notice anyone who seems to be a victim of The Snap, but who DEFINITELY didn’t die on screen?

That’s right, Shuri herself has been confirmed to have been dusted.

Little bit of a shock, eh?

Apparently not, according to some people on Twitter, who point out that Shuri showed up on a “Missing” poster during the first trailer. Personally, I think that someone being “Missing” and Dead are two completely different things, until you have it confirmed by the people in the know.

And according to this poster – Confirmation received.

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