UK News

Brexit in shambles as Meaningful Vote is cancelled

Brexit has been plunged into even more of a crisis as Theresa May has put a halt to the “Meaningful Vote” regarding the Prime Minister’s deal to leave the EU.

I mean, you could almost see it coming from the moment she announced the deal in the first place.

Leavers and Remainers alike, have shown utter disdain for Mrs. May’s deal, and I’m actually astounded it took this long to pull the vote. 

Though she does have her failings – I always took Theresa May to be quite an intelligent and shrewd person. Lately however, her inability to see how poor her deal actually is, and how poorly it has been received by practically everyone, has certainly made me re-think my view of her.

Personally, I think she’s finally seen the wood for the trees, and is going to throw in the towel, as far as her Premiership goes.

Either that, or she’s always had a plan as far as being a “Remainer in charge of Brexit” goes, and this is the final nail in the idea that the UK can leave the EU. It would mean “falling on her own sword”, but maybe the plan all along has been to stop Brexit from within, while giving the impression to the country that she always intented to uphold it?

Conspiracy theories abound….

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