PETA – It’s time to stop with the Thought-Policing

If you haven’t already been made aware by now, then let me explain –

PETA have completely lost the plot.

I’m one of those contradictory S.O.B’s who loves animals, abhors animal cruelty and suffering, but who also LOVES eating meat. I like nothing more than tucking into a thick, juicy steak, while also calling for Bull Fighting to be banned. I love a good roasted chicken thigh, while simultaneosly being disgusted with people who organise Cock-fighting.

I believe that if an animal is treat with respect, not over-farmed to extinction, and not hunted as a trophy – then it’s completely justifiable to eat an animal.

We ourselves, are animals. Some animals eat, other animals.

It’s nature baby.

This is my view. I’m entitled to my view.

Others, are entitled to their views.

It really is that simple.

I’m not going to call somebody out for choosing to be Vegan, or Vegetarian – that’s their choice and I respect it.

What I will call someone out for however, is someone trying to police my thoughts and my words, in a vain and downright ridiculous, attempt to look virtuous.

Particularly from an organisation that tries to make the word “scone” sound like “stone”.

It’s Scone – as in “gone”, just so you know.

Oh, and speaking of scones – I sincerely hope you were talking about a Vegan Scone, and not one made with butter, milk and eggs?

Because – well, speciesism and such..

Just looking at the idiocy of this list of “phrases not to use” is enough to tell you in what direction PETA has been headed. Some of you may remember the “Monkey-selfie” debacle, in which PETA argued that a monkey was in charge of the copyright of a photo it had taken of itself with a Photographers own camera.

I know. Sheer lunacy.

There’s enough virtue-signalling and Thought-Policing being done throughout the World, without you lot throwing your Vegan-friendly hats into the ring. The very idea that (in your words) –

“Teaching students to use animal-friendly language can cultivate positive relationships between all beings and help end the epidemic of youth violence toward animals..”

is frankly, moronic.

Do you really believe that? Or are you simply trying to get people on your side by any means possible?

So, I have a little advice to dish out to you PETA, and it’s this –

Get a grip.

Go back to focussing on the real issues with animal cruelty –

Bull Fighting

Inhumane animal slaughter

Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Trophy Hunting

Faroe Islands Whaling Festival

These are the topics you should be focussing on – not whether somebody says something that could be deemed “speciesism”.

Do me a favour PETA – Have a non-species-ist word with yourselves.




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