Space news

NASA reveal they are returning to the moon

Finally, after 40+ years, NASA is sending people back to the moon.

Check out the article in The Sun here –

So it’s finally happening.

For years, people have been asking the same question- “why haven’t we been back to the moon?”, and to be honest – nobody really knows. NASA haven’t really given a very good response (blah blah blah, something about money, and budgets). But it looks like our wait could finally be over. 

What makes this news equally exciting, is that they are talking about having a permanent presence on that big old ball of cheese in the sky.

Oh, and did I mention that they are also heading back to Mars?

Things are looking up in the field of Space Exploration, and NASA seem to be finally getting their act together again as far as manned-missions go.

Looks like Elon Musk has them running scared a little? Maybe he’ll find all of those buildings and structures up there that you guys at NASA keep “Photoshopping out” of all of your photos?

What? A guy in a tinfoil hat told me about it, so it must be true.


Be sure to click on the link above and make sure you watch the video regarding NASA’s missions to The Moon and Mars.



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