Photography on a sunny day

Blyth beach huts in black and white, on the Northumberland coast

The sun is out!!

After weeks of snow, rain and generally poor weather, we finally see some sunshine!

I’m normally a fan of stormy and wild weather, as it’s great for landscape photography, and, according to my soon-to-be-wife, it’s the kind of weather that best suits my personality…

However, it’s nice to see some sunshine every now and then as it prevents me from going completely Dark-Side and turning into a 40 year old Goth!

Sorry. An almost 40 year old Goth.

Getting a decent image in the sunshine can be quite tricky, as there are a few obstacles to overcome: flat skies, sunflares, and harsh light to name a few. With landscape shots, I’d recommend using a Polarizing filter or an ND Grad filter to prevent over-exposing the sky, and try and stay at least 90 degrees from the sun if you can.

I took this image just as the clouds in the background were beginning to pass the sun, allowing the harsh sunlight to become diffused and more manageable. By using the clouds as a “Soft Box” of sorts, it made it easier to expose the image more evenly and to capture more detail in the scene.


If anyone would like any more tips on shooting in sunny weather or any photography related tips, comment below or email me at



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