A storm in Tynemouth

More wind, rain and cloud in the Northeast of England yesterday, which (maybe without the rain) makes me a happy man!

After doing my house-husband duties, I headed out to Tynemouth yesterday to catch myself some huge waves and moody skies.

I wasn’t disappointed.

I thought that this was as close as I was going to get to the waves, as I expected the Pier-guard to lock the gates and block my entrance to the pier; shutting me out from getting a real up-close and personal shot of a wave.

No guard today though, so off along the pier I trotted, ready to take my life in my hands and risk getting swept into the mouth of the Tyne….

….just as the storm began to fade.

I really wanted a shot of a wave literally about 4 feet away from me in front of the Lighthouse, alas it wasn’t to be. I did, however, get a shot of the lighthouse as the sky was rearranging itself from the storm which, I’m really quite proud of –

I love the colour of the sky in this image; I barely had to tweak a slider in Lightroom to bring it out, while the sea to the right of the Lighthouse was calm enough to be able to get a nice flat look by taking a long exposure.

Well that’s it for today; I’m keeping my eye on the weather in case we get another storm headed our way, and I can have another shot at my intended wave-shot.

But then again, I live in the Northeast of England.

There’s never a long wait between rainstorms.



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