Photography tales – using my spare time wisely

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining when I say this.


Being an almost-husband and a two-time Father, can really stretch your ability to flip off your lens cap, head out into the wilderness and get snap-happy!

Life gets pretty hectic sometimes; there’s just no way around it. The secret is, however, to use any spare time you have productively.

My schedule was pretty much full on Friday; after dropping the kids at school at 8.45am I had literally 1 hour before I had to spend the rest of the day getting set for my wedding, and meeting with potential clients.

I couldn’t let an hour go to waste could I?

I was going against the grain: no planning, no idea where I was going, and no idea what I was going to shoot. It felt strange to be heading out without any sort of plan, however I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity of some free time.

Off to Blyth I headed!

Groynes in a calm sea
Beach Huts in Blyth Northumberland

After taking these first two shots, I was almost ready to leave. I was pleased with the two shots I’d took and I still had about 20 minutes left. I could leave now, be back with time to spare, and keep the wife-to-be happy by not being late.

He had to show up, didn’t he?

He had to come strolling along the beach, dog-lead in hand, enticing me to take a photograph with him in it.

It’s his fault I was late, I swear.

One man and his dog

It was worth being late though, as this is my favourite shot of the day. It certainly makes the ear-bashing I received from the other-half, completely worth it!

So, the next time you have a gap in your schedule, grab your camera and head wherever you can within your time frame. Planning a day’s shooting certainly has it’s advantages, and is how I predominantly do my “shooting”, however, spontaneity can certainly produce some great results.

Just don’t be late for your already-stressed fiancée and your wedding plans.

And certainly don’t blame it on some random man and his dog that you met down at the beach.

She’ll start to get worried about you…



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