A few from the Coast

Merry (almost) Christmas!

I hope you’re all feeling the festive mood and getting ready to clock off on Friday for a couple of weeks of Turkey and booze.

I know I am!

It’s been a while, for which I apologise. My workload has been huge as it’s the run-up to Christmas, so I have had to focus my attention on the practical side of my business rather than the written side.

I hope you all understand, and thanks in advance for the huge amount of likes and shares this post will hopefully receive!

First up –

Dave Stephens Lifeguard Centre

This is the Dave Stephens Lifeguard Centre at Blyth beach in Northumberland. The design is that of a ship (as you can probably tell). I did contemplate taking out the bird in this image (No, not with a gun…) but I decided that it gave the image a little something extra.

Next up –


Taken at Blyth beach, you can make out Whitley Bay in the background.

Seaton Sluice Harbour at Dusk

This is the old Harbour entrance at Seaton Sluice, from which you can make out Blyth beach and Blyth Harbour in the background.

And lastly –

St. Mary's Sunset

This was taken from the little cove below the Delaval Arms at Seaton Sluice, showing St. Mary’s Island and Lighthouse, just as the sun was disappearing.

I hope you like the new additions, please share and comment to let me know your thoughts.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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