Is there life on Mars?

Greetings Earthlings!

I come in peace in order to show you new images from around the solar system!

Don’t worry, I haven’t gone any more mad than I already was, but I do want to show you all an image that I took in Beadnell, Northumberland on Tuesday (my birthday by the way for those of you who “forgot” to send me a card).

Our intention was to head to Howick, which lies between Boulmer and Craster on the Northeast coast, and spend the day shooting the “Bath House” and the smattering of rock outcrops along the often secluded beach. Alas, the word secluded obviously meant jam-packed as we noticed the amount of cars in the car park. Deciding to chance it anyway, we headed along the field to find a School trip, a Senior citizens tour and a film crew who were abseiling of the cliffs and filming each other performing handstands on the edge of the tallest outcrops.

A quick whinge about “kids being in bloody school” and something about the film crew getting “proper jobs” and we were heading further North to the picturesque, yet guaranteed to be quiet (this time of year anyway) Beadnell.

I’ve written about Beadnell before in  A couple from Beadnell which included this shot-

Ebb's Nook Beadnell
Ebb’s Nook Beadnell

I said at the time, that at a glimpse it looks like it was taken from high above the surface overlooking a vast mountainous area with a lake on the edge of an ocean. Looking at it now makes me think of a Probe or Satellite over the surface of some unknown world beyond ours. The entire stretch of Ebb’s Nook (the rocky outcrop jutting out into the North Sea) looks very alien to me, and it inspired me to create this next image:

Don’t get me wrong, the colour of the sky has been tweaked slightly, but the rest of the image is how it was at the time. To me, this is like a Martian sunset, (when Mars still had lakes and oceans of course) the rusty brown rocks and sky giving it the look of our Pareidolia-inducing celestial neighbour.

I’ve always been fascinated with space and other planets, and Mars, being the obvious choice for so many as being the current or former home of alien life, has always been my favourite planet.

Mars, this is my tribute to you.

Ok, I’m off to post this image onto a Conspiracy website to see how believable it is as proof of life (and water) on Mars.

In the right-hand corner of the horizon, there’s some structures that have clearly been engineered by intelligent beings….

….The truth is out there….



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