Prague – A glimpse of Bohemia

Dobrý den!

I write to you all now as a substantially happier man than I was 3 days ago.

Up until then, I literally had one image from my scouting trip to Prague in March this year (or as my fiancée calls it a “holiday”…) but, thanks to some computer wizardry from a colleague I now have…


I know, hardly the amount I was expecting to have, but, “glass half full” and all of that…

The reason I only had one image was due to some duff memory cards (be careful buying from e-bay…) and “misplacing” my hold-all containing my others that were full to the brim of glorious snaps of Bohemia.

Devastated is not even close to how I felt.

The one image I managed to extract from my dodgy purchases was this one:

This gorgeous lady has adorned my website for a while now and was my only reminder of a brilliant 3 days in the heart of Bohemia.

Thankfully, no longer:

This is The Orloj, or the Astronomical Clock which is located in the Old Town Square. It is simply a breath-taking sight.

The creepy Street Performer dressed as a baby and sitting in a Pushchair, however, was not.

I took this from my Hotel window on Wenzigova Street, simply because of the light and shadow elements in the image. It really stood out to me as a typical piece of cold-war era Eastern European architecture. It might be a “simple” Boiler House, but it was designed by the great Czech architect Karel Prager, which makes me like this image even more.

I found this by chance on the side of a hill overlooking the city. Vojsta Naprstek was a famous politician, philanthropist and patriot who pioneered Czech language journalism in America (Wikipedia link here).

As a staunch Czech patriot, I think he’d be happy to know he has a memorial in such a beautiful place.

This 9th century castle absolutely dominates the Prague skyline and is one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever been in. Only the Sistine Chapel and the Alhambra Palace rival it for it’s beauty.

I took this image through one of the Archer gaps in the walls of the Castle, making use of a shallow depth of field in order to highlight the trees in the distance.

The final image of the gallery is another one taken from my Hotel room window (I promise I did leave the Hotel sometimes…) and is of the Royal Court Hotel on Wenzigova street. The tree in front of it made me think of an old Ghost/Killer in the window movie whose name escapes me.

Don’t worry, I’ve already checked all of the windows for a face staring back at me….

And that’s it.

My 3 days in Prague boiled down to 7 photographs. Normally, I’d be upset about that, however, when you think you only have one, then 6 more turn up; you have to be happy.

Anyway, I can always take the other half back for another “holiday”…..

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