New content – a Hut and a Post

Greetings and salutations!

I’ve a couple of new images to share with you all, this time from the sunny shores of Blyth in Northumberland.

First up:

Harbour Hut in Black and White

This is situated on the North Pier at Blyth, just along from the Alcan Ore Terminal.

I’ve absolutely no idea what it’s for, but I like the way it stood out from the ever-bleak Blyth sky.

Next up :

Taken at Blyth beach in Northumberland, UK. Stormy clouds forming on the horizon.
Storm on the Horizon

This was taken on the beach looking along the sea-wall towards a monster of a storm out on the horizon. A long exposure shot helped to create a bit more atmosphere in the clouds and give it an almost serene look.

That’s it for today, check out my last post: “Bolam Lake and the fight that never happened” and don’t forget to subscribe.



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