Hartford’s Lot

Welcome back!

I recently started to create a Gallery dedicated to the idea of some of Stephen King’s books being set in Northumberland and so, I have a new addition to the Stephen King in Northumberland gallery for you today –

Hartford’s Lot

This is Hartford Hall in Bedlington, Northumberland; a creepy old mansion house set on a hill above the River Blyth. I remember riding past this building on my BMX as a “young-un” (sorry Mam, I know I wasn’t allowed to go this far from our house as a kid!) and I always feeling like I was being watched. I swear I used to see faces at the window staring back at me…..

To me, this old building would be the perfect place to be the Northumberland version of The Marsten House from ‘Salem’s Lot; I would just have to check the Church up the road to see if the Priest has a cross on his forehead….



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