Beware the Lake

Hello and welcome back!

Continuing with the theme of my “Stephen King in Northumberland” gallery, I present to you –

Beware the Lake

Bag of Bones is one of Stephen Kings’ finer books. Loosely using elements of Daphne du Maurier’s “Rebecca” in it’s plot, it is the story of Mike Noonan, a writer suffering from writers block who is grieving the sudden death of his pregnant wife. While mourning, he begins to have nightmares which are set at his summer house, Sara Laughs which is located on the edge of Dark Score Lake in Maine. Mike decides to confront his fears and moves to Sara Laughs……

We all know that kids love to scare each other. Most kids tell stories of “Boogeymen” and “Monsters” to each other; stories you believe as a kid but you dismiss the moment you “grow up” (kind of like the Losers Club…).

A kid I went to school with, however, told me a story about a woman who drowned her kids in the very pond in this picture. There were no “Monsters” in his story. There was a real person; a person with a job, a house, a husband and, until she drowned them, 3 children. And she was laughing as she did it…….

The story absolutely rocked me. A real person could do that to their own kids?! The story stuck with me even to this day, even though I can’t for the life of me find any evidence that it’s true! It’s because of this story that it’s took me so long to go to this lake to photograph it; the idea that there are 3 children buried at the bottom of this lake terrifies me. (I know, I’m an adult….)

I swear, when I took this shot, I could hear laughing…

Is that you Sara?

Ciao for now


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