The Dark Tower falls

Stephen King is without a doubt my favourite author of all time; I’ve read every single book he has written and follow him avidly. I’m the original fanboy of the King of horror and I apologise to nobody for it!

You could say I’m his “number 1 fan….”

Christ, how many times do you think that joke has been told?

My latest project is an ode to Stephen and some of his best works; I want to see how some of his most iconic scenes and images from his works would look if they were located in Northumberland. And no, I don’t mean dressing the Angel of the North in a Pennywise the Clown outfit! (hmmm….maybe that might work…..) However I wanted to pick out locations that emulate some of the more famous (and not so famous) locations in the King universe; a place that has always been a wonder to me thanks to the descriptive talents of the author.

And so, Constant Reader, here is my first image – 

The Tower that was

The Tower has fallen, the Roses have died. The Dark Tower is no more, yet, the world still stands…..

This old Windmill in Cramlington, Northumberland is how I would imagine the Dark Tower to look if it had fallen at the hands of the Crimson King; fallen many years before, yet the world is beginning to repair itself….

Keep an eye out for more images as time goes by, and keep reading my blog!

Goodbye for now, I’m off to put a huge glass dome over Sunderland……



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  1. Ahem, that’s supposed to de a field of roses, not corn, around the tower! But the world has moved on…

    I’m currently re-reading the epic and just like the first time I’m spellbound. SK is (with the exception of Terry Pratchett, but in a very different genre) also my favourite author.

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