The Lady in the Lake

Merry Easter one and all!

I live in Cramlington; a small town in the south of Northumberland. It’s an average kind of town; a fairly good ratio of normal people to charvas (Chavs to those of you from anywhere other than the Northeast), it has probably the most roundabouts in the entire country and Sting (yes, that Sting) used to be a teacher here. Ross Noble, Mark Clattenberg and Ray Stevenson have all lived here.

But there is an even more famous resident in Cramlington than Ray “Punisher” Stevenson –


The Lady of the Lake

Northumberlandia was designed by the American land architect Charles Jencks and is the worlds largest land sculpture of the female form in the world. It took over 1.5 million tonnes of earth to create the “Lady of the North”, earth took from the nearby Shotton Surface Mine at the cost of Matt Ridley, owner of the Blagdon Estate on the edge of Cramlington.

To me, the sculpture has always been a fascinating part of the town. Loved by some, held with complete indifference by others. She is known as the Lady of the North, The Sleeping Lady and by some of the more cynical and less politically correct residents, Slag Alice (just think Larry Grayson and mining waste). To my two sons, however, she is simply known as “The Lady with the giant boobies”. (I know ladies, but they’re only 7 and 8 and giant boobs will always be funny to kids their age…)

I wanted to capture an image of Northumberlandia that would maybe stand out a bit from some of the images out there; the full frontals and overhead images showing a naked lady in all of her glory.

I opted for a 4 image combined panoramic from the top of her head; it’s probably the least photographed view of “The Lady” and allowed me to show a subtle image of a naked lady, rather than the “Razzle” or “Fiesta” full frontal versions normally associated with her.

She’s no Slag Alice to me, she’s my Lady of the Lake. With giant boobies, yes, but giant classy boobies.

As a famous teacher from Cramlington once said, “…you don’t have to put on a red light……”



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  1. Returning your visit to The Glasgow Gallivanter, for which thanks! I didn’t know this existed but I’d love to see it. There is a Charles Jencks landform at the Modern Art Gallery in Edinburgh, more in Jupiter Artland just outside Edinburgh and, the ones I have been to most recently, Crawick Multiverse in Dumfries and Galloway. Fantastic!

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