A couple from Seaham

Hello to you all.

The other day I found myself in Seaham; a seaside town in County Durham, just up the road from Sunderland (the inner Newcastle United fan in me is singing something about “Cheesy Chips” as I write this…).

I went there on a scouting trip to find the famed “Chemical Beach”; a stretch of beach that is famous among Northeast Photographers for being associated with Get Carter; the 70’s thriller starring Michael Caine, and also for a set of submerged wheels that are only visible when the tide is at the correct point.

The wheels themselves look great on film; old industrial wheels attached to an axle that, when photographed correctly, look like the remnants of a mining disaster with the debris strewn across the beach. There’s something eerie about them lying in the surf and, after applying the trusty 10 stop to the lens, making the water almost like fog or mist rising out of them.

I didn’t manage to see them on this trip, but, I now know where they are and can plan my decent down the rock barrier at the foot of the cliff, or Emyn Muil (the impenetrable passage of rocks from The Two Towers) as I’ve come to name it. It’s going to be fun climbing down them in the dark!

Anyway, I did get a couple of nice shots while I was there. First up…

Nose’s Point

This is Nose’s Point; an outcrop of the cliff that, funnily enough, looks a bit like a nose.

Sort of.


Chemical Beach Seaham

Looking at this shot reminds me of a huge fossilised Crocodiles mouth buried in the sand, or maybe an ancient Pagan monument; a Northeast Stonehenge.

Maybe I’ve just got an over-active imagination?

I love the way the sea looks misty around the rocks on this shot. The structure (I think) is an old pier of some description and to me, just looked like a really interesting shot.

Stay tuned for more content, and maybe a tale of how I fell down yet another cliff, this time to capture some wheels in the sea.

One wheel to rule them all….



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