Playing in Charlie’s Garden

Charlie’s Garden

Morning all.

This image was taken at Collywell Bay in Seaton Sluice, Northumberland. It shows the sandstone sea-stack known locally as “Charlie’s Garden” which, at the time of shooting, was seperated from the coast by the tide. It’s a great place to shoot a sunrise or even a sunset (although the coast faces east you can get some amazing colours reflecting from the west).

What isn’t shown in the image however is the Seal that nearly caused me to break my neck!

My (soon to be) wife often tells me;

1. I can’t multi-task

2. I make Photography more dangerous than it should be

As I was slowly and carefully heading down the steps to reach my location, I spotted a Seal bobbing about in the water around the rock and, being a Photographer, meant I had to, HAD TO, capture it’s image.

Therefore, I decided that the steps were not there for my safety and ease of access.

No, they were there to hinder me and slow me down. Steps? Pfft. Down the steep bank was the best way.

While changing lenses.

And carrying a tripod.

Can you guess how it went?

As I crashed into the rock that stopped me going over the edge into the briny deep, I thought two things;

1. I DO make Photography more dangerous than it should be (most ‘Togs do; nothing will stand in our way of a good shot!)

2. I CAN multi-task. I can fall down a cliff, while carrying a bag of gear, carrying a tripod, changing a lens, protecting my camera, scare off a Seal, and, take a pretty decent Photograph afterwards.

That’s one point each wifey. x

Ciao for now



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